Saturday, June 09, 2007

"Day 9"

Happiness Level: 6 of 10

I hate Wendy's. They suck so bad. Claire brought home some Wendy's for lunch. I was pretty disappointed. Normally I don't mind their spicy chicken sandwich so much, but today I just couldn't stand the sight of Wendy's food. I was really fucking hungry though. So I ate most of the sandwich, but only after I added a lot of hot sauce to it. Why is 'spicy' food rarely spicy?

I actually gave Claire a lot of shit about brining me Wendy's for lunch, and I shouldn't have. She knows I hate Wendy's, but I have eaten it on occasion without too much complaining. And to her credit, she did try to get me something I might like. She was simply in a hurry because she was on her way home from work and was late to take Maddie to a birthday party, and we have the misfortune of having a Wendy's located in the shopping center right in front of our house. I did make it clear that I don't ever want to eat anything from Wendy's ever again though. Especially not their dreadful fries.

Dinner was rushed. It was almost poker time, and Claire had fallen asleep with Maddie for a good part of the late afternoon/early evening. Aaron had come over early to play some video games before poker time (I suspect because his Xbox 360 is currently broken.) Judy had accompanied him. Once Claire woke up, she and Judy headed out to Rudy's to pick up some Dinner. I ate quickly and probably a tad too much. Oh, well.

Not that it makes up for a bit too much Rudy's BBQ for dinner, but I finally went jogging/walking this afternoon! I got winded a bit too early, and I didn't have enough energy to complete 4 laps, but I did do 3. It wasn't my muscles or even my lungs that held me back. I literally didn't have enough energy to do 4 laps. It was probably because I had so little for lunch... just part of that chicken sandwich and some water. In any case, I felt good that I did it, but my body wasn't too happy with me. I'm far more out of shape than I appear.

I spent most of the early day with Maddie. Her ability to communicate has been improving rapidly. That makes spending time with her so much better IMHO.

Poker sucked. We had such a big turnout that we had to run two tables. It didn't matter. I still ended up -$17 for the night. I played very tight, but probably not aggresive enough. We had 5 new people show up, so I felt that I needed to be patient and see what they were like. One guy was a freakin' leprechaun with multiple horseshoes up his ass. He couldn't lose not matter what he played. But he only hit me once... when he got runner-runner flush after he made a call on the flop with a 'pair draw.' Idiots.

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