Friday, June 08, 2007

"Day 8"

Happiness Level: 6 of 10

I went to the doctor today. As I suspected, I got a referral to see Dr. Black for my palpitations, some blood drawn for a cholestorol/liver check, and a prescription for more cholestorol meds. Nothing too surprising.

I had Dot's for lunch. I hadn't had that in forever... namely because it had burned down a few years ago, and it was rebuilt a bit too far from work. Luckily, it's nearer my doctor's office.

Dot's is one of the few places that I know of that makes all their stuff from scratch. Well, maybe not the condiments, and I'm pretty sure then don't gather their own sea salt or make their own Coca-Cola, but all the entrees, sides and desserts are home-made from scratch everyday. Pretty yummy stuff. I had beef tips over white rice, potatoes, mac and cheese, and dinner roll and a fresh lemonade to drink. I shared my meal with Claire so that probably kept me from overeating.

Dinner was quite yummy as well. Claire made some awesome home-made tacos, rice and beans. Since I was at home, I was able to drink what has become my favorite water, Aquafina, with my meal. I was only going to eat two tacos, but damn, they were so good. I had three. :-(

After Dinner Claire and I went to Mike's Friday Night Poker Tourney. It was our worst performance ever there I think. I got 4th in the tourney. Claire ended up 5th. :-(

Other than some time after work, I didn't see Maddie much today. I do love that little girl though. She's getting so big too!

On the brighter side of familial relationships, I did talk to my Mom for a bit today. She called me asking if I wanted to buy some contacts from a friend of hers who was selling some. Out of the trunk of her car I imagine. That was a rather odd call. I declined and reminded my mom that I wore prescription contacts. My mom is weird sometimes.

I didn't jog again. God, do I hate running/jogging/walking for exercise. Seems like the only reason I should be running is to run after something/someone or away from something/someone. I guess if I wanted to be all inspirational and shit, I could say that I'd be running away from obesity, but that sounds pretty lame. Tomorrow... tomorrow.

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