Thursday, July 23, 2015

A look into a particularly tight session of $1/$2

A complete listing of every single hand that I got dealt at The Venetian $1/$2 No Limit Hold 'Em game.

Interesting stats:

179 hand dealt in 4 hours and 15 minutes. That's  42 hands per hour! Or, a new hand every 1 minute 25 seconds! That's really fast for a live game!

I folded 121 out of 179 hands. That's 68%. This doesn't count checked big blinds or chopped blinds or forced posts.

I flat called 30 out of 179 hands. That's 17%. 11 of those calls were small blind hands where I called $1. So 19 times, or 11% of the time time I flat called a raise.

I raised only 13 times. That's 7% of the time. 

In 179 hands, I was dealt:

AA: 0
KK: 2
QQ: 0
JJ: 0
TT: 0
99: 1
88: 1
77: 0
66: 0
55: 0
44: 3
33: 1
22: 0
AK: 0
AQ: 1
AJ: 2

Date: July 22nd 11:30pm.

Starting stack: $300.

You'll see the hand, my action, and how my stack looked (up or down) compared to my starting stack of $300 after that hand was completed.

6h Td fold 
4s 5h fold 
Kh 5h fold
Ks 3d fold 
Js 2d fold 
7c 2d fold
7h 3c BB fold -2 LOSE
Ad 9c SB folded for $1 more -3 LOSE
8c Qs DLR fold
Qc Jd raise to $7. 4 callers.  J65A +44 WIN
Jh 9h call $2 JT9 +65 WIN
Qc 4d fold
4d 6c fold
Td Ks raise to $6 Qd Td 8c Jd +76 WIN
As Qd raise $8 Folded to reraise $34. +68 LOSE
Jd 6c BB checked. folded on flop +66 LOSE
Tc 3c SB folded to raise to $10 +65 LOSE
6c 4h DLR fold
3h 4s fold
Kc 6h fold

5h 6d fold
7c 9d fold
9h 2s fold
Kd 8c BB folded to $9 raise LOSE +63
Kd 9h SB folded to $7 raise LOSE +62

8h 4h fold +62
2d 3h fold
2d 4c fold
9d 9h call $7. 4QQ6 +94 WIN
5h 8a BB check LOSE +92 LOSE 
Jd 7c SB call 2 +90 LOSE
8s 3c DLR fold 
6c Qs fold
Ad 8c fold
4s 4c call 7 +81 LOSE

Jh 5c fold
8h Kc fold
8c Ks fold
9s 8h BB folded to straddle 4 +79 LOSE
Ad 5c SB call 2 +60 LOSE
4s Tc DLR fold 
7s 2s fold
Qs Kd call $10  +16 LOSE
8h 6s fold
Qs 4c fold
2c 3c fold
6h 9d fold
7s 9c fold
7s 8d BB fold +14 LOSE
9s Ts SB call 2 +12 LOSE

Ad 7s DLR fold 
Qh 4s fold
Th Jc raise $7 call $13 -8 LOSE
Kh Ks raise 12 +10 WIN
6c 7d fold 
3c 6c BB fold +8 LOSE
Kh 8d SB call 2 -59 LOSE with flopped 2 pair
2s 5s DLR fold
Kd 6d fold
7h Ts fold
7h 8d fold
Kd Ks raise to $6 -56 WIN
7s 9d BB fold -58 LOSE 
Qs 4s SB fold -59 LOSE
Js 8c DLR fold
8d 9h fold 
Js 9h raise to 6 -52 WIN
Ah Jh BB call 6. -8 WIN
Jc 9d SB  fold -9 LOSE
Qc 4h DLR fold
JS 4h fold
8c 6h fold


9s 5h fold -9
Qc 7s fold
8d Td called $10. +35 WIN ChkRais w/pair/draw
Ah 7c fold
QH JS BB chopped blinds +35 DRAW
7h 8c SB fold +34 LOSE 
Kh Th DLR raise to 12. +22 LOSE
Ks 3h fold
Kh Qc call 6 +41 WIN
3s 5d fold
2h 4c fold
4d 4s call $2. +39 LOSE
Ac 8c BB call $11 +28 LOSE
Qh 2s SB fold +27 LOSE
JC 5c DLR fold
Tc 3c fold
Qh Td raise to $7. +41 WIN
Ah 5s fold
Qd 3h fold
Kc 4s BB  check +39 LOSE
Ah 6c SB call 2. +42 WIN
4s 8d DLR fold 

3a 6s fold
3d 3c call $2. Folded to reraise. +40 LOSE
As 2d fold 
Kh 8c fold
3h 9c fold
4h 3s BB check +38 LOSE
Qc 9c SB Call 2. +36 LOSE
2c Qh DLR fold
4h 9c fold
Js 8c fold
2c 3c fold
Th 6d fold
Jc 6s fold
Jd Td BB call 7. Chopped. +36 DRAW
Ah 7c SB fold +35 LOSE
4d Jc DLR fold
Jh 3c fold
4s 5h fold
Ac 5c call $2. +33 LOSE 
4h 4c call $2. +31 LOSE
5c 3d BB check +29 LOSE

Kc Th SB call $2.+27 LOSE
Qs Jd DLR raise to 7. +33 WIN
9c Tc call $2. +31 LOSE
As 7s fold
5c 6c call 2. +29 LOSE
4s 6h fold
2c 5h BB fold +27 LOSE
Kh 3s SB fold +26 LOSE
6c 4h DLR fold
9d 8s fold
Qd Td raise $6. +29 WIN
Jd 6d fold
5h 5d call $12. +17 LOSE
4s 8d BB fold +15 LOSE
9d 3c SB called 2. +13 LOSE
Qs 3s DLR fold
As 2s called $6. +196 WIN
As 7c folded. 

3c 7h BB Fold  +194 LOSE
Qc 5h SB chopped blinds +194 DRAW


8s Th fold +194 
As 3h fold
Tc 5c seat change $2. fold +192 LOSE
8h 8c call $2. Fold to reraise. +190 LOSE
3s 7s fold
6h 2d BB fold +188 LOSE

9h 6d SB call 2. +186 LOSE
4d Td DLR fold
3d 9d fold
6s 7s call $2. +184 LOSE
6c 2h fold  
Jh 8s fold
Qs 2h BB check. +182 LOSE
Td 6d SB chopped the blinds +182 DRAW
Ac 5h DLR fold
4d 3c fold
Jd Td call 2. +130 LOSE
Ad Jd raise to 10. +$133 WIN
6h 9s fold
6s Qh BB fold +131 LOSE


Ad 7d fold +131
4h Ad fold
Jd 4d fold
4s 2h fold
5s 7s BB check. +129 LOSE
6c 5s SB call 2. +121 LOSE
Qs 2d DLR fold
Td 5s fold
Qc Tc raise to $11. +110 LOSE
Qh 2c fold
Js 6c fold
Jd 8c fold
Ts 2c fold
Qd 9h BB check. +108 LOSE
6s 8s SB call 2. +76 LOSE
Ks 3d DLR fold
Jd Th called 2. Folded to raise. +74 LOSE

Js 2h fold
Jc 9d call 2. +80 WIN
6s 3s BB fold  +78 LOSE
Kd Ks SB raised to 12. +101 WIN
5s 3d DLR fold
Ac 2h fold
Jd 8h fold


Could not be moved to a new table because there was only one left and it was full.