Saturday, January 01, 2011

2+ years of Poker Tracking Stats

Happy New Year everyone! I just finished entering in my final poker session for 2010 into my account. It was a pretty good year overall, but mostly it was a good second half of the year and a mediocre first half.

The website allows you to run slews of interesting reports. It's too bad the site won't let me share the data directly, but I'll cut/paste some of the ones I found interesting (even the bad ones.)

Note: All stats are from 11/11/2008 (when I first started tracking my poker sessions) to 12/30/2010 (the last session I played.) I entered every single session no matter where I played, the type of game I played, or how much I won/lost. It's all there.

Number of Sessions Played: 448
Total Time Played: 2179 hrs 35 min
Average Time/Session: 4 hrs 51 min
Total Number of Days Played: 365 (Weird. Exactly 1 year worth of poker days.)
Winning Days: 249
Losing Days: 116
Best Session: 8/3/2010
Best Day: 12/15/2010
Best Month: Dec 2010
Worst Session: 11/10/2009
Worst Day: 12/12/2009
Worst Month: Jan 2010
Number of Losing Months: 18
Number of Winning Months: 8
Longest Win Streak (Sessions): 15 and counting (12/15/10 - 12/30/10)
Longest Win Streak (Days): 9 and counting (12/15/10 - 12/30/10)
Longest Win Streak (Months): 5 (6/2009 - 10/2009)
Longest Losing Streak (Sessions): 6 (3/10/2009 - 3/26/2009)
Longest Losing Streak (Days): 6 (5/26/09 - 6/6/09)
Longest Losing Streak (Months): 3 (11/2009 - 1/2010)
Tournaments Played: 16
Tournaments In The Money: 6
Best Day of the Week: Tuesday
Worst Day of the Week: Friday
Best Location: *69 Poker (My House)
Worst Location: The Orleans
Best Game: Hold 'Em (410 Sessions)
Worst Game: Pot Limit Omaha/Crazy Pineapple Round N Round (2 Sessions)
Best Structure: No Limit
Worst Structure: Fixed Limit
Best Limit: 25c/50c
Worst Limit: 1/1

I realize that the money data is the most interesting, and I do have it. I just don't feel like I should be sharing that information publicly on the internet. But if you ever play with me, just ask to see it, and I'll load up the website for you.

Looking at the money data, there are some interesting things that I didn't figure. For one, I've always complained that I'm down, lifetime, at my friend Roy's game, but it turns out that I'm actually up there. I was surprised to see that I was down at The Orleans and Winstar (though not by a lot in either location) too. It turns out that I'm profitable at every game type I've played. That was a bit surprising. I also thought I was more profitable at tournaments than I am. Granted, I've only played in 16 of them in over 2 years, but still... I expected a larger profit. I was NOT surprised to find out that I am a lifetime loser in Fixed Limit Poker. I just don't do well when I can't put a lot of pressure on my opponents.

It's too bad I only started logging 2 years ago. Oh, well. I figure I was a slight winner in the early years of poker. We used to play 5c/10c, and I used to rock the game with my $20-30 a night wins. ;)