Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Day 13"

Happiness Level: 5 of 10

Due to a time conflict with Claire, I ended up having to meet her at Taco Bell for lunch. An order of steak taquitos, a chicken fiesta burrito and a Pepsi... eaten. Dinner was part of an awful, awful brisket sandwich from Bill Millers, a side of Pinto Beans (not so awful) and some Pepsi. I ate so little at dinner that I ended up picking up a grilled chicken salad from Whataburger on the way home from poker at Matt's. I ate half of that and drank most of that medium Coke.

Exercise? Pfft. What's that? I'm failing miserably on the exercise front

Talking to parents? Well, I talked with my mom ever so briefly the day before, and she gave me a call today, but I was in the middle of a poker game. I will for SURE call her tomorrow.

Maddie time? I had dinner with her, but that's about it. :-(

Yelling? I yelled at Claire a good amount in the morning. I was pretty pissed off at her. I was plenty calmed down by lunchtime. I played a new .50/1.00 pot limit game over at Michael A's friend's house (Matt) last night. I tried my best to stay calm. It wasn't too hard as I didn't really get sucked out on too badly. I ended up cashing out $70 off of a $20 buy-in. Yes, I realize that $20 is an awfullly low initial buyin for a .50/1.00 game, but when in Rome...

Palpitations? Yep. Kept me up again for hours. They're not painful, just uncomfortable. My family doctor didn't seem to concerned about it. It's probably cuz I'm so freakin' out of shape. I *really* need to make an apt with Dr. Black.

I'm soo tired right now.

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