Wednesday, January 12, 2005

"Holidays 2004"

So here's a lookback at my Holiday:

Knee Surgery - For those that didn't know... I thoroughly fucked up my right knee whilst coming down the 9 ft end of the bowl at a skatepark. I went up, got off balance, got my foot stuck, and my knee bent sideways. Ouch. So I was told that I had torn my MCL (inside ligament) and ACL (internal ligament). The MCL would heal on it's own, but the ACL would have to be replaced. I FINALLY scheduled the surgery for the last week of December. That was trippy. I don't remember a thing after they wheeled me into the operating room. It was like... I'm in the operating room... then all of a sudden Claire is sitting next to me. WTF? I'd never had surgery before, so I'd never been "put under" before. That's some weird ass shit.

Gameboy - Anyway, after the surgery I spent the next few days in bed. I played quite a bit of my gameboy advance sp even though I have a Nintendo DS now. I mean, I was just playing Advance Wars 2 so I didn't need the clunkiness of the DS. Advance Wars... see, now that's a good series. I don't play very many games to completion, and that's especially true on the Gameboy. But the first Advance Wars was one of the few games I actually played though. Part 2 is pretty much just a mission pack, but it's still pretty entertaining. Too bad the DS game lineup still pretty much sucks. Although, I did get a new DS game this Christmas from Brent and Sean.

Feel the Magic XX/XY - So Brent and Sean gave me Ridge Racer DS, but I've been really wanting this Feel the Magic game from the guy that made Space Channel 5. It just looked cool. Dunno what else to say. So I swapped out Ridge Racer for it, and let me tell you... FTMXX/YY is the best game on the DS by far. It utilizes the DS's mic, dual screens and touch pad better than any other DS title. Sure, it's just a bunch of mini-games, but that's how I like my gaming... in bite-size morsels. FTMXX/XY just has so much style, and I just love to hear that sexy japanese accented girl say "Break Time" after ever 3rd round of every minigame. If you have a DS, trade in Mario for this game. About the only bad thing I can see about it is that it's pretty short... even by my standards.

Presents - I was really hoping to get Growlanser Generations Deluxe Pack and a DMS4 Pro chip for my PS2. Claire came through on those. :) I also got a Creative Zen Micro 5GB MP3 player. I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep it because I'm not really that big on music. But, after playing with it a bit, it won me over. I also ended up with Ratchet and Clank 3 (PS2), Baten Kaitos (GC), Fry's Gift Certificates, golf stuff, a cool new soldering iron, a couple of sweet t-shirts, and various other goodies. Over all, not a bad haul. :)

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