Friday, December 10, 2004

"Polar Express 3D"

Just gotta add a short blurb on Polar Express 3D showing at the IMAX. To put it simply, it was engrossing. My eyes were just glued to the screen. Going into the film, I was thinking that the 3D effects were just going to be tacked on since the majority of the screenings are in traditional 2D. But if they just tacked on the 3D to PE3D, I'd really like to see what a dedicated 3D computer generated movie would look like! This 3D was the most natural looking 3D I'd ever seen! Maybe that's because instead of looking like things were coming out of the screen, it looked more like I could see into the screen. It was more like the screen had depth. That's a lot more natural if you think about it. It was almost like watching a live play with very elaborate sets. The illusion of depth really makes it work because that's how we see things. Because seriously, how many times do you get shit thrown right into your face in real life? It reminded me a lot of those "Magic Eye" posters only like 100x better. The movie itself was not what I expected either. It was like 90% action. It also wasn't too sappy. Both good things. Man, and that 3D snow falling... wow. Anyway, it was worth every penny of the $12 admission. If you have one showing near you (they're showing it at the Bob Bullock Museum here in Austin), go see it ASAP!

Rob's Rating: Super kickass!


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