Friday, December 10, 2004


The fact that Nintendo is trying to hold off Sony with two screens and a stylus is laughable. The DS isn't as powerful, it's bulky, and so far the games are uninspired. The DS is just plain ugly, and it feels like a poorly made Hong Kong knockoff. The dual screen thing is an absolute joke. A handful of games will take advantage of the 2nd screen in a truly innovative way, and maybe a handful more will take advantage of the touch screen, but for the most part we're going to end up with a bunch of games with a built-in map. About all I can hope for is a decent Punch-Out!! conversion, which truthfully, never really needed 2 screens anyway.

Just to set things straight, I am not a Sony or MS fanboy. In fact, I'm wearing my black Nintendo logo shirt right now. :) Truthfully, I'm not a fanboy of any company and/or system. I just like games. In fact, I buy every single console released. I do tell it like I see it however. And if I were to tell Nintendo anything right now, it's that they fucked up royally with the DS. Sure, it's selling right now, but it's Xmas and everything fucking sells. They can only ride the success of their NES/GB for so long.

It's funny how the non-gaming giants Sony and Microsoft beat the shit out of the gaming mainstays Nintendo and Sega. Nintendo is hanging on, but that's only because of their portable market share, and Sony's taking care of that shit.

It'll be a sad day, but at this rate Nintendo will cease to make console gaming systems. They'll be the Next Atari... the next Sega. I suppose they're going to try to tough it out for one more generation, but honestly, if their nextgen system isn't fucking awesome (and given Nintendo's track record, it won't be) then that will be Nintendo's final console. Their portable hardware might survive a bit longer, but their showing signs of weakness there as well.

You know, if I had to name my favorite console of all time, I would say it was the SNES. Though sales numbers may disagree, anyone with a brain could see that it beat the living shit outta Sega's Genesis. It looked and sounded way better than the Genesis, and the games were just beautiful. It's also the home to my favorite controller of all time: the SNES pad. Then it happened... the Nintendo64 came out, and console-wise, it was all downhill from there. As far as portables, the GB was OK, the GBA was good, and the GBA SP is actually pretty damn awesome. You know why? Because it's a glorified, portable SNES with a lit screen. :)

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