Friday, January 30, 2004

So, what's been going on? Hmmmm... how about BEING SICK! W T F!?!? I've seen two different doctors within a week. They both sucked. In the five years since I've been in Austin, I've seen about 5 doctors. Each one rushed to have me in and out in 15 mins or less. These guys need to start up a fast food chain. I could so fake being a doctor for a day: "Hi, how are we feeling today? Aw, that's too bad. What seems to be the problem? [Pull out my stethoscope.] Uh-huh. Take a few deep breaths for me. Uh-huh. Hmmm. Yeah, that's been going around. Okay, I'm prescribing you some XXX, take it with food and call us back in a few days. Good bye." Assholes.

On the movie front: I hate Hollywood more and more. More specifically, I hate computer generated people in movies. Seriously, am I supposed to believe that that baby in the new Mask trailer is dancing around? It looked shitty in 1998, but at least it was novel then. Now, it just elicits groans. Please, PLEASE, go back to the puppets and wires and hiding car ramps behind bushes. At least then I knew they weren't expecting me to believe the shit they're trying to pull off.

Gaming? I'm in collector mode harder than ever. I hate it. It costs too damn much! I'm buying shit I have no desire to play, only because it's 'rare.' Every little gem I find in a used video game store I have to look up on ebay to see how much of a good deal I got. Like I'm gonna re-sell it or something. Does that Turbo Duo come with box AND instructions? What about the product catalog? Tony's got the bug too. It's kind of ridiculous, but we're stupid. So, anyway, if anyone has a mint Sega CD front loader (not the Sega CD2!) in the box, email me, OK?

Music... the number one CD of this past week? The Gitaroo Man soundtrack. For some reason I love that game. The songs are awesome. Gitaroo Man's songs are almost as catchy as Parappa the Rapper's first game... only a lot less stupid.

Go Bluebirds!

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