Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I swear to God, if I'm not 100% better soon, I'm gonna... well, I guess I'll still be sick. It's been like over 3 weeks now. Seriously, WTF?!

On another note. My friend Tony and I have been on a game collecting binge lately. I 'found' another video game shop yesterday... Game Zone. It looks pretty shitty from the outside (not much better on the inside actually,) and it's not in the best part of town, but, man, they had some cool stuff at great prices. Turns out they've been around for 7 years! If you've been around 7 years, and two hardcore gaming nuts that live in your city didn't know about your store, you're doing something wrong. Tony and I have every EB, Gamestop, and Gamefellas (local chain) number written down in a list for easy reference. We'll have to add Game Zone.

Game Zone is actually really cool for used stuff. They have a lot of classics: NES, SNES, Genesis, etc. The selection was pretty good, and while Game Fellas tends to have more stuff, Game Zone's stuff consists of games that are sometimes a little harder to find and a LOT more reasonably priced. Turns out they really don't know much about how 'rare' a game is, nor do they seem to care. For example, I picked up Super Mario RPG (bare cart) for $15. It sells for around $40 on ebay. Tony picked up Y's III, Star Control and Exile for the Genesis. Complete in boxes with manuals. Nice shape. $10 for all three. They have a deal going on: buy 2 Genesis carts, get 1 free. All genesis carts are $5 no matter what, so there you go. On ebay? That's easily 60 bucks or more for all those.

Then we found out they had a 'South' store. Muahahaha. So today, we took a trek out to South Austin to see their 'smaller' store. The south store actually seemed a bit bigger, and a bit nicer, however their prices were a bit higher on most things (not much, but higher) and the selection didn't seem as good. No real gems. Tony picked up Dragon Warrior VII for $15 and picked up the companion guide for $8. Great deals. My deals weren't as good, but they were fair. I picked up a boxed Stunt Race FX for $6 (no real reason for it, it's not rare or anything), a Mario All-Stas Nintendo guide, shrinkwrapped by them and in pristine condition for $8, and a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics for $15. FFT for $15 is actually not a bargain, but this one wasn't all stickered up and didn't have that annoying 'GREATEST HITS" green bar running down the side. I hate that.

Also, I picked up an entertainment center from some guy for $50. It's going in one of our spare bedrooms. Guess what I'm doing with that room? Classic gaming room, baby! Yeah, I'm putting in a 27" tube TV so that I can actually play light gun games again. My 61" HDTV is nice, but no light gun support makes me sad sometimes. :-( I'm sticking in a SNES, Genesis/SegaCD/32X, and NES, and I'm hunting down a TurboGraphx-16, 3DO, and Jaguar. Claire's so understanding. :)

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