Sunday, December 11, 2011

Vegas 2011 - Dec 8th - Day 1

Sessions: 2
Net Result: +$71

Well, this year's trip started out on the wrong foot. We woke up late, and I had to rush to the airport. My flight took off at 8:25am. I got to the airport at 8:00am. Yeah, not good. Luckily, there were practically no lines, and I actually got to the terminal *right* as they were calling my letter/number group to line up. So I didn't miss anything.

Claire rocked it this year. She looked into all the player's cards I had been using last year and went online to find that I had accumulated 6 free days of hotel rooms at various casinos on the Strip! My first free night was at Planet Hollywood. I expected it to be a shit room, but it was nicer than the room I paid for last year! Here's a quick tour of the room:

I rested up a bit and went out for my first session.

Session 1: Harrah's $1/$2 NL HE (2h 30m)
Buyin: $195
Cashout: $265
Result: +$70

For my first session, I decided to go to a poker room that I'd never played in before. (Jeez, I hate ending sentences with a preposition, but honestly, they need to change that grammar rule because doing so has been common usage for at least 40-50 years, possibly more. So, fuck it. I'm not editing my first sentence.) So for my first session, I headed over to Harrah's.

It's an OK room. Not the biggest or the smallest I've seen. Looks kinda old, but it does have auto-shufflers and an electronic login system to track your playing hours. Quite a few TVs. Looked fairly busy.

Turns out that they were running a football promotion. Anytime someone scores, they pick a cash game table at random and splash the next pot with various amounts of money. A touchdown was worth $100. And a safety was worth $200. No one mentioned how much a field goal was worth, but it would have made sense that it would have been worth $50. In any case, this is a bad promotion.

Essentially, this bonus is for the short stacks as juicing the pot with $100 is just going to make the sub $100 stacks push and the large stacks not play. It's really stupid. For a long while, it didn't even matter as it was a 7-3 game by the time I showed up, and they scored only 1 more touchdown while I was there. And once they finally scored, of course our table wasn't selected. And as I predicted, the table that won the $100 juice pot had 6 All-Ins vying for it. All but one short stacked. What made no sense was that even after the pre-juiced the pot, one guy still straddled. Why? People are just going to push on you. What a retard. Then another guy raised. From like $4 (the straddle) to like $12. C'mon. Are you serious? Soon after it became a shove fest and some lucky dope took it down. After that, the football ended and the tables started breaking up.

I didn't really have any memorable hands. No cool stories or interesting players. Other than the silly football promotion, it was all very forgettable. I will likely not be returning.

Oh, if you're wondering why I bought in for $195, it's because I always keep a $5 chip from every poker room I've played in. (There's that ending preposition again.) I think of it as a interesting, cheap souvenir. More interesting than a lame t-shirt or mug that you'll never use. I have a stack of $5 chips from all around. Ask to see it sometime.

Session 1: Planet Hollywood $1/$2 NL HE (2h 15m)
Buyin: $200
Cashout: $201
Result: +$1

I made the huge mistake of getting almost no sleep the night before. I was very tired and hungry. This game was also sort of boring, and I was just not into it. I was never up more than $50 and probably never down more than $50. And once I got unstuck, I decided to call it. Winning is winning. And I've got plenty of time.

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