Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vegas 2011 - Dec 11th - Day 4

Sessions: 2
Net Result: +$360

This is really a continuation of Day 3, and then it goes into Day 4. The first session of the day actually happened on my way back to my room after that terrible session at the Trop.

Session 5: Planet Hollywood $1/$2 NL HE (2h 15m)
Buyin: $200
Cashout: $499.
Result: +$299

You know what? I'm gonna be honest here. It's been too long since this session happened. I don't recall any big hands, funny characters, or interesting stories about this session. The only thing that you need to know about this session is that I made back all the money I'd lost at the Trop, PLUS $4. That's right. No going home down for me!

Oh, I do remember something. I remember that after the Trop session I was hungry and was walking passed Fat Burger. I was on the phone with Claire bitching about my session, and I told her that I didn't feel like I deserved to have any food after playing so poorly. I was pretty bummed. She said I should eat if I was hungry so I said, "Fuck it." and ordered a medium combo with fat fries. Best. Idea. Ever.

It actually invigorated me. I gained some energy, stopped at PH, made all the money back quickly, and went to the room happy.

The moral of this story is that Fat Burger makes you win. :-)

Session 6: Luxor $1/$2 NL HE (3h 30m)

Buyin: $400
Cashout: $461
Result: +$61

Fucking Cowboys. Goddamn it! This is why I don't like to become emotionally invested in sports. I have no control, and it still bums me out when shit like this happens.

In case you didn't figure it out, or you don't follow the NFL, I played this session during Sunday Night Football where it literally didn't end well for the 'Boys. :-(

As I mentioned on the first day, some poker rooms have football-related promotions when NFL game are being played. Harrah's football promotion was lame, so I went to find a better one.

I first went to Excalibur, but they weren't going to be running a football promotion that night. So I shuffled on over to the Luxor which I recalled had one last year.

Sure enough, they did. There promotion was this: At the beginning of every quarter, they would hand players at a poker table a ticket. After every score, they drew a ticket and give away $25 for a field goal, $100 for a touchdown and $200 for a safety.

Romo was safetied early. #*$&!#

Some dude two to my left got $200 for that. :-(

There was a lot of scoring, so there were a lot of draws, but I didn't win shit.

In fact, I only ended up +$61 for the day, but hey, at least it was an up session. The Cowboys lost on the river and weren't so lucky.

Right as the game was ending, I got a text from Duy. He and James had just landed. They wanted to know if I wanted to go to dinner. Sure. And that was that for the day!

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