Monday, December 13, 2010

Vegas 2010 Day 2

Vegas 2010 Day 2 - Sunday Dec 12th

I didn't do much of anything after that Aria session. I called Claire. We talked for a bit. She mentioned that if I could find a WiFi connection in a casino, that she'd like to use it to 'look around' and check out the atmosphere. Well, as we talked, I walked and walked. And before I knew it I was pretty far from MGM/Hooters. Starting to feel a little hungry, I stopped into the Denny's outside of Casino Royale.

I got a seat immediately and proceeded to pull out the new 11" MacBook Air (which I love, totally worth it) to begin blogging. I ordered some pancakes, bacon (or "bake-it" as Kenzie calls it), crispy hashbrowns, a cup of coffee and an orange juice. You may have noticed that I didn't order eggs. There's a reason for that: they're fucking disgusting. I hate eggs. Anyway, I started writing my Day 1 blog (which you've probably already read), finished my breakfast then headed out.

I did a quick search for free WiFi hotspots on the Strip. Yes, I'd normally use my 3G connection on my iPhone for net access, but FaceTime, by default, requires a WiFi connection. I found that the Venetian poker room offered WiFi, and as luck would have it, I was nearby.

I headed over to the poker room, and it looked rather dead. It was the early morning after all. There were a couple of people waiting around for a seat, but there were only 3 tables running. I called Claire up, and we FaceTimed for a bit. I showed her and the kids the casino, but strangely there were no Xmas decorations to be found. Still, the Venetian is a nice hotel, and the kids just loved seeing their Daddy on the phone. It's kind of strange to think that my kids will not have known a period of time where cable TV, wireless phones, the internet, large flat-screen TVs in nearly every room, on-demand movie viewing and shit like FaceTime didn't exist. Man, I love technology. In fact, I'd like to be re-incarnated in 100 years! Which religion believes in re-incarnation again?

Anyway, I contemplated playing at the Venetian, but I was so damned tired, and I run so bad there that I decided to just find a place to sit so I could finish my Day 1 blog.

The sports book area was nearby. I headed in that direction and noticed a corner seat next to a power outlet. When you're a tech guy like me traveling, there are few things more exciting to see than a free-to-use, easily accessible power outlet. I sat down, plugged in my iPhone, my iPhone battery extender, and my MBA and proceeded to blog. When I started writing, there were hardly any people in the room. I kept my head down practically the whole time, and when I was finished, I looked up and was sort of startled to see a sea of people cheering on their bets, I mean, their teams. I guess I had noticed a lot of ruckus during touchdowns and big plays, but I had put in my earphones and was listening to Xmas music the whole time.

After posting my Day 1 blog entry, I started walking South. I initially intended to catch a bus, but the bus stop I found didn't sell an all-week pass that I wanted. So I just kept walking. It was hot by now. I had to take off my jacket as I was beginning to sweat. I stopped and took pictures of some stuff and posted them to my Twitter account (see And just kept walking. I was getting pretty tired by the time I made it to Hooters.

It was only 1pm, but I was hoping to be able to check-in a bit early. As luck would have it, they had a room available for me. Around this time, I started to feel really weak. I've had this feeling before. Every so often when I do something physical (like walk a long ass way in a jacket during hot weather) I get low blood-sugar levels. I feel faint and weak. I barely made it up to my room. I needed sugar, and fast.

With no choice, I limped into the Hooters restaurant again. I didn't really want to eat there twice in two days, but I knew I wasn't going to make it anywhere else. I was seated immediately. I explained to the waitress that I was experiencing low blood-sugar, and that I needed her to bring me a keylime pie and a Pepsi ASAP. She was pretty helpful and returned with the sugar I needed. I had about 1/3 of the pie and the full glass of Pepsi, and I slowly started to feel better. Since I was there, I ordered some boneless wings. They were fucking horrible. My stomach started to hurt.

I made it back to my room, showered and fucked around on the net for a while. Getting caught up on the latest sports news and aimlessly wandering wikipedia entries. I was hoping to just get sleepy, but I didn't actually fall asleep until around 6pm.

Next thing I knew it was daybreak. I've been lounging around my room all morning. And now it's time to begin Day 3...

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