Saturday, December 20, 2008

Vegas Day 10

"Vegas Day 10"

Well, sad times. The babies were pretty sick. There was talk of having to put the little one in the hospital. At this point, Claire decides that she *has* to go home today... two days ahead of schedule. She makes the arrangements for the new flight, and we head down to the Excal poker room to meet up with the others.

Session 1: Excalibur 50c/$1 NL Hold 'Em

I couldn't really concentrate on this game. I played for about 45 minutes before we headed out to lunch. I made around $45.

With the group together, we decide to use our 24 hour bus pass to head out down the strip for some food. I'd been wanting Italian, and I got a few backers... but where do we get decent Italian food on the strip? We get on the bus without knowing where we're going. I bring out my iPhone and google Italian food on the Vegas Strip, and I get a lot of hits for restaurants in the Venetian. Well, that makes sense I guess. The Venetian is supposed to mimic being in Venice, Italy, right? They all sound pretty expensive, so I keep searching and find a review for Maggiano's. It's got a good rating, and they supposedly offer a great group/family meal deal. None of us had ever heard of it (turns out its a chain owned by the company that runs Chili's of all places... and that one is coming to Austin soon,) but it sounded good. So it was decided. We need the Fashion Show Mall exit.

We get there and the place looks kinda fancy. I feel under dressed in my Pac-Man T-Shirt. Everyone else in our party seems at least half-way well dressed. Drat. Anyway, we get seated in a room with a great view of the strip. I ask for a family menu, and man, it's awesome! For $20 per person, we basically get our choice of two appetizers, two kinds of salads, two main courses, two pasta dishes, and two desserts. Wow! A single bowl of Rasta Pasta at Rain Forrest Cafe was $20. This was a great deal indeed. But how as the food going to be? Well, as it turns out, fucking excellent! Best chain Italian food ever.

Halfway through the meal, Claire checks up on the girls. The little one still isn't doing well. They're at the doctor's office again. I start feeling really bad and decide to also cut my trip short. My biggest regret was not being able to go to that $6000 guaranteed free roll at Monte Carlo the next day. (Turns out Brent chopped at the final table at that very same tournament for like $600!) But I figured I really should leave.

After our excellent meal, we had back to the hotel. Claire sits down for a bit more poker, but I head up to the room to bring down our stuff and then go to the front desk to settle our tab. Sad times. I hate leaving Vegas. People were telling me that I was nuts to want to go for 11 days. It was Day 10, and I could have stayed another 10 days easily... if not more. Oh, well.

The end tally for myself was +$1451.75. Claire started to make a comeback, but ran out of time and ended up -$550 or so. After I paid the hotel, and you figured in the meals and airline tickets, it was probably dead even. So... you know, playing tons of poker and earning a free vacation wasn't so bad, right?

In any case, I can't wait until the next Vegas trip! :-)

Anyway, here are the final session stats:

TOTAL: +$1451.75

December 10th
-Wednesday- (+$185.50)
6:15p in Excal .50/1 $200buyin
8:30p out $224.50
(+$24.50 / 2hrs 15mins)

10:00p in MGM 1/2 $140 buyin
2:15a out $181
(+$41 / 4hrs 15mins)

2:45a in PH 1/2 $145 buyin
6:15a out $265
(+$120 3hrs 15 mins)

December 11th
-Thursday- (+$106.50)
7:30a in Venetian 1/2 $250 buyin
9:00a out $0
(-$250 1 hr 30 mins)

10:15a in Excal .50/$1$100 buyin
1:30p out $456.50
(+$356.50 3Hrs 15mins)

December 12th
-Friday- (+$140.75)
8:00a in Excal .50/$1 $200 buyin
8:45a out $275.50
(+$75.50 0hrs 45mins)

9:00a in Excal Tourney $20 buyin
10:00a out $0
(-$20 1hr 0mins)

10:00a in Excal 50c/$1 $145.75buyin
2:30p out $251
(+&105.25 4hrs 30mins)

11:30p in Excal $1/$2 $463.25 buyin
4:00a out $443.25
(-$20.00 4hrs 30mins)

December 13th
-Saturday- (+$400.50)
4:15a in Excal 50c/$1 $100 buyin
5:00a out $200.50
(+$100.50 0hrs 45mins)

1:00p in Excal Tourney $30 buyin
3:00p out $0 10th
(-$30 2hrs 0mins)

3:00p in Excal 50c/$1 $100 buyin
3:30p out $122
(+$22 0hrs 30mins)

3:30p in Excal $1/$2 $300 buyin
5:30p out $430.50
(+$130.50 2hrs 0mins)

8:15p in PH $1/$2 $200 buyin
11:45p out $354
(+$154 3hrs 30mins)

1:00a in Excal $1/$2 $300 buyin
3:15a out $323.50
(+$23.50 2hrs 15mins)

December 14th
-Sunday- (+$507.50)
5:00p in Excal $1/$2 $300 buyin
8:15p out $599.25
(+$299.25 3hrs 15mins)

6:30p Excal Bonus $50 raffle

12:15a in Binion's $1/$2 $200 buyin
2:00a out $291
(+$91 1hr 45mins)

3:30a in Excal $1/$2 $300 buyin
4:15a out $367.25
(+$67.25 0 hrs 45mins)

December 15th
-Monday- (-$48.50)
4:15p in Excal 50c/$1 $318.50 buyin
8:45p out $226
(-$92.50 4hrs 30mins)

8:45p in Excal $1/$2 $300 buyin
11:30p out $344
(+$44 2hrs 45mins)

December 16th
-Tuesday- (-$247.25)
12:00p in Excal 50c/$1$196.25 buyin
1:00p out $77.75
(-$118.50 1hr 0mins)

1:00p in Excal $30 tourney
1:45p out $0 20th
(-$30 0hrs 45mins)

1:45p in Excal 50c/$1 $264.75
3:15p out $0
(-$264.75 1hr 30mins)

4:00p in monte carlo 1/2 $195 buyin
8:00p out $310
(+$115 4hrs 0mins)

8:45p in Excal 50c/$1 $164 buyin
10:30p out $195.50
(+$31.50 1hrs 45mins)

11:30p in Excal 50c/$1 $100 buyin
11:45p out $119.50
(+$19.50 0hrs 15mins)

December 17th
-Wednesday- (+$331.75)
3:00a in Excal 50c/$1 $147 buyin
7:00a out $113.50
(-$33.50 4hrs 0mins)

2:15p in Excal $1/$2 &300 buyin
2:30p out $468.50
(+$168.50 0hrs 15mins)

5:15p in MC $2/$4 limit $100 buyin
5:30p out $131
(+$31 0hrs 15mins)

5:30p in MC $1/$2 $151 buyin
1:15a out $276
(+$125 7hrs 45mins)

3:00a in Excal 50c/$1 $100 buyin
3:30a out $140.75
(+$40.75 0hrs 30mins)

December 18th
-Thursday- (+$30.50)
1:30p in Mandalay $1/$2 $195 buyin
3:00p out $263
(+$68 1hrs 30mins)

7:00p in Sahara Tourney. $65 buyin
9:15p out $0
(-$65 2hrs 15mins)

12:00a in Excal 50c/1 $220 buyin
2:00a out $247.50
(+$27.50 2hrs 0mins)

December 19th
12:15p in Excal 50c/$1 $100 buyin
1:00p out $144.50
(+$44.50 0hrs 45mins)

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