Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"The 4th Annual Lake Travis Boat Trip 2007"

Update (5/30/07): Well, not enough people followed through so we're now doing 1 large new deluxe boat instead of 2 smaller older boats. That's not necessarily a bad thing. We get a nicer boat, for one. So that's good. We're also still doing the two wave runners, so don't worry about that. The bad part, for us anyway, is that now the $75/person won't even cover the rentals completely. It'll come close, but instead of bothering with raising the fee a few bucks, Claire and I will just take a loss on the rental cost. And as promised, we'll still make good on buying food and beer. It's only fair. However, if you wanna help out with bringing more food/alocohol, please let us know. In the end, it'll all be good times.

Update (5/22/07): Due to less than 34 but quite a bit more than 17 people signed up, we're going with two 12 person boats now instead of 17 person boats. Nothing else will change. List updated BTW.

Update (5/17/07): The 1st Boat is filling up fast! Get those payments into us ASAP. If you need a mailing address. Just email me or Claire.

Time: Saturday, June 2nd. 12noon - 8pm.
Where: Daybreak boat rentals near Carlos & Charlies on Lake Travis
Price: $75 non refundable. Paid up front to hold a spot.

It's coming! Girls, stop eating. Guys, start working out. The Annual Lake Travis Boat Trip 2007 is June 2nd! If you've never been to one before, you're in for a treat. If you have, I know you're already on your way to us to lay down your cash to reserve a spot. It's *that* awesome.

Here's the recipe for fun: Preheat your lake to 72 degrees. Take two one pontoon party boats and two fast as shit wave runners and place them carefully in the warm lake water. Peel 34 20 people down to 1 or 2 articles of clothing and evenly sprinkle them across the boats and the wave runners. Add lots of food and alcohol and let everything simmer under the hot sun for 8 hours. Enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What's included for $75?
A. A spot on the pontoon party boat. Access to the wave runners. Food and Drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.) Basically, 8 hours of fun! That's less than $10 an hour!

Q. Can I bring my own food? How much food is provided?
A. Yes, bringing extra food is welcomed and encouraged. The fact is that 100% of the $75 is going directly to rental fees. So don't go expecting lobster and champagne. However, we should have enough snacks (chips, dips, cookies, fruits, etc.) and food (sandwiches mostly) for everyone.

Q. Will you be providing enough beer/alcohol cuz I can drink a lot of PBR!
A. Probably not, Hueby. We will be bringing quite a bit, but it's always hard to gauge how much is enough. Also, if you want a certain type of drink, it's safer just to bring some of your own.

Q. What happens if 24 don't sign up? *UPDATED*
A. That depends. If we're shy like 1 person? Nothing. If we're shy like 4-6 people, we either have to raise the price (not really wanting to do that) or cut it down to the first 12 and just do 1 pontoon boat and 1 wave runner. So get signed up and paid up ASAP, and there won't be a problem! (OK, this actually happened. We were short 4 people so we're now on 1 big new boat instead of 2 smaller older ones. However, the price didn't go up and the waverunners will stay at 2 cuz we're fucking nice and just ate the loss.)

Q. How many did you have last year?
A. 23

Q. When's the Deadline for signing up? *UPDATE*
A. We're going to take an official tally of the paid partipants on May 20th. (It's done passed.)

Q. Will I be assigned to a specific boat? *UPDATE*
A. No. Both boats will travel *together* and anchor near each other so that people may swim/change boats at their leisure. (We're just on one deluxe boat now, so this questions is N fucking slash A.)

Q. How will using the Wave Runners work?
A. The Wave Runners will be running constantly. They sit 1 or 2 people. Typically people take them out for 10-15 minutes at a time and then come back to the anchored pontoon boats to trade out with someone. Once everyone has had a go 'round, we start all over again. There has never been a problem with sharing these. 10-15 minutes at a time is plenty. Trust me.

Q. What if I need to get there late?
A. The boats leave at 12 noon. So you'll have to be at the docks no later than 11:15 in order to allow for moving your shit onto the boats and taking part in the Wave Runner lecture that they have to give you before we can rent the Wave Runners. If you *know* you're gonna be there late (Kids have a soccer game that morning, etc.), we can send a Wave Runner back to the dock to pick you up. Note that even though Wave Runners have water tight storage compartments, they aren't that big so keep that in mind if you need to get picked up. If we *absolutely have to*, we can send back a pontoon boat for you, but that'll piss of about a dozen or so people.

Q. What if I need to leave earlier than 8pm?
A. We'll get you back to the dock via Wave Runner/Boat at whatever time you need.

Q. What does Claire, i.e the Marketing Dept, say about all of this?
A. "Keep in mind this is the sickest sweetest gathering you will go on this year."

Q. Who's signed up so far?
A. As of May 30th, 3:40pm... The FINAL List:

1) Rob - Paid in Full
2) Claire - Paid in Full
3) Bizzy - Paid in Full
4) Banni - Paid in Full
5) Brian - Paid in Full
6) Serg - Paid in Full
7) Evaleen - Paid in Full
8) Dave - Paid in Full
9) Dave's Friend Brad - Paid in Full
10) Aaron - Paid in Full
11) Judy - Paid in Full
12) G - Paid in Full
13) Hueby - Paid in Full
14) Holly Wood (I'm not even kidding.) - Paid in Full
15) Kolchak - Paid in Full
16) Kolchak's Friend Matt - Paid in Full
17) Dave's Mystery Friend #1 - Paid in Full
18) Dave's Mystery Friend #2 - Paid in Full
19) Lindsey - Paid in Full
20) Johnspeed - Paid in Full

Removed from List (i.e 'Jerk Stores'): Will, Marc, Mike, Amy, Nick, Sean, Jet, Ed, Christy

First to pay = First to Secure a Spot!

Remember that this is just the signup priority.


Katsu said...

Put new questions here, and I'll answer them.


Clarissa said...

The boat trip is soooooooooo super sweet. Almost better than SEX, huh maybe not. But sex on the boat trip ROCKS! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Will you be bringing beast light as well?


Katsu said...

I can... any other requests other than PBR and Beast Light?

Anonymous said...

Please none of that Mexican swill; I don't want to diarrhea all over the jet ski.

Daniella said...

all i can say about last years boat trip is wasted, fun, wasted, and ummmmm..... oh yeah sun burn!

P.S. Mexican beer and trash can punch are two of my closest friends!

Clarissa said...

Riding the jet ski at 50 miles an hour, completely wasted..........

Anonymous said...

No jesus juice! I will ride that god damn jet ski as well to get my moneys worth.


Clarissa said...

What about Virgin Mary juice? Any takers?

David said...

Virgin, whats that.

And Beer tons of Beer, and ummm Beer yeah Beer,

David said...

Alright I am suppose to ask a Question for Rob.... Lets see Whats the width of Lake Travis at its widest point?

Best I could think of.