Thursday, May 31, 2007

"Experiment for June"

I'm going to perform an experiment on myself. I'm going to see if I can improve the quality of my life by following the rules below for the entire month of June. I'll be posting to this blog at least once a day with an update. You can also follow my goings on more closely at

  • See the doctor for a checkup.
  • Get on cholestorol medication. Take it everyday.
  • Excercise. Jog/Walk 4 'big laps' around the neighborhood at least 3 times a week.
  • Eat approximately 1/2 of what I'd normally eat.
  • Except on special occasions (Boat Trip, etc.) only drink water.
  • Do not eat after 10pm.
  • Go to sleep no later than 1am on Tue/Thu. 12am on Mon/Wed/Sun. 2am Fri/Sat.

  • Remind my wife that I love her everyday. Don't just say the words.
  • Call my parents every other day. Just leave message if they don't answer.
  • Call my grandmother this month.
  • Be more patient with idiots.
  • Don't Yell. Carry a notepad and write shit down instead. Read it later.

  • Take her someplace every weekend: SA Zoo, Ready Set Play, Sea World, Kids Day Park BBQ
  • Spend at *least* one uninterrupted hour a day with her doing what she wants to do.
  • Read to her before bedtime whenever possible.

  • Don't buy a new game unless I finish an old game.
  • Eat dinner at home 4 times a week. I'll even cook if I have to.


Daniella said...


Anonymous said...

I think old Rob would say "Gay"

Good luck.


Clarissa said...

I support you on your experiment, and I love you very much!!!!