Monday, June 06, 2005

"NBA on TV"

I'm a little bummed about not being able to get Spurs tickets for either of the first two NBA Finals games. Claire, Sean, and I all tried to get tickets the minute they went on sale on, and we were able to get 0. That's pretty disheartening. Sitting there, refreshing the page until they go on sale, filling out the form as fast as possible, and within 20 seconds, they're still all sold out. Lame.

Oh, well. I guess we save some money, right? Maybe I'm trying to console myself, but watching the game on TV isn't so bad. You get real-time stats, replays, great viewing angles, and other shit like that. That's pretty cool. With my DVR, I can even rewind and pause when I want.

Really, the only major drawback to watching the games on TV is having to deal with those goddamn commercials... ugh. And they probably wouldn't be so bad if they didn't show the same ones like 1000 times throughout the playoffs. I love watching the games on TNT because they have great HD coverage of the game and back at the studio where they do game analysis. But TNT must only have like 10 sponsors because they play the same fucking commercials so often that they have a negative effect on me. I absolutely loathe those commercials and their products. Someone must have done some market research on that right? No? Then here's a freebie: Stop showing your shitty commericals 20 times a game so that I won't hate you. Thanks.

Anyway, I guess this is a nice problem to have. While most fans' teams have already bowed out of the playoffs, the Spurs are in the NBA Finals for the 3rd time in 7 years. They beat up quite nicely on the Suns in the Western Conference Finals and will have had 8 days of rest before they play the first game of the NBA Finals this coming Thursday. That'll give Duncan and Ginobili some time to rest their beat up bodies.

Word of the Day: garrulous (adj) - talking too fucking much about shit no one cares about. Ex: While waiting to get into QuakeCon, I always end up in line next to some garrulous geek.

Trivia of the Day: The title to awesome PS2 game "Katamari Damacy" is a pun. The kanji symbols literally mean "Clump Soul", and since the characters look very similar to each other, they make a kind of visual pun. Additionaly, the second character is really "Tamashii" (soul), but following the word "Katamari", it ends up being pronounced "Damashii", and "dama" means "ball".

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-debbie :) said...

Hey Rob,
Did you know that 'Into the West', from the executive producer Steven Spielberg, is premiering on June 10th?!!!