Monday, June 13, 2005

"Small Update"

Not to take away from the monstrous post below, but I forgot to add the word and trivia of the day to that post, and we can't have that, now can we?

Well, I might as well make a small update too.

Remember that old adage: "Good things come to super kickass people."? Well, it's true. Check it. As you may or may not know, I've been unable to procure tickets to the NBA Finals, The Homestar Runner show at the Drafthouse (with the creators on hand) or Green Day floor/GA tickets. At the last minute I ended up with Game 1 and Game 2 tickets to go see the Spurs at the NBA Finals as well as a ticket to see H*R live and in person! The NBA Finals games were incredible. I'm truly convinced that the Spurs were and are the best team in the league by far. The H*R show rocked. Matt and Mike Chapman and their buddy/helper Ryan showed up at the Drafthouse, got drunk, and guided us through their DVD made exclusively for the Alamo Drafthouse crowd here in Austin. I even got them to autograph my DVD set of Strong Bad's 1st 100 E-mails. Those guys are down-to-earth and just awesome in general.

Now if I could get a couple of Green Day tickets...

Word of the Day: bourgeois (noun/adj) - Someone pertaining to the capitalistic middleclass, or being materialistic, petty and/or and an exploiter of the working class. Ex: Tiffany's bourgeois lifestyle is reflected by her taste in overpriced espresso which she drinks while dropping off her kids at their private school in her new oversized SUV.

Trivia of the Day: Dee Jay, introduced in Super Street Fighter II, is the only Street Fighter character designed by an American. While Capcom of Japan created Cammy, Fei Long and T. Hawk, James Goddard at Capcom U.S.A. came up with the fighting Jamaican. Additionally, the writing on Dee Jay's pants was originally supposed to say "MANTIS", but had to be changed to "MAXIMUM" so that the character sprite could face either side without reversing the letters "N" and "S". Goddard left Capcom U.S.A. to create the fighting game "Weaponlord" for the SNES. That game sucked.

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Catman said...

You know I don't understand it, I think I'm a pretty good person but you seem to have the best luck. I think you need to go and play the lottery... you'd probably end up winning it if you wanted it bad enough.