Monday, November 29, 2004

"Top 5 games"

So rummaging through some old crap, I found this little gem from sometime in early 2004. For no reason at all, I polled random people on my AIM list. I asked them: "NAME THE TOP 5 GAMES OF ALL TIME OFF THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD (ANY SYSTEM)." Here's what I got back from my spontaneous poll:

[All comments are Rob's and therefore 100% true.]

Top 5
[#1] 6 votes: Street Fighter II (Series)

This proves that I have the smartest people in the world in my AIM list. If you didn't vote for SF2, you probably suck pretty bad at it and resent it. It wasn't the first 1-on-1 fighting game ever made, but it's truly the only one that really mattered. It had a great, clean, uncluttered, and FUN fighting system, memorable characters, and even memorable music and stages to boot. SF2 is truly deserving of
the top spot.

[#2] 4 votes (tie): Final Fantasy III (i.e. VI in Japan)

Thist game was to RPG's what SF2 was to fighting games. If you voted for any other RPG and FF III wasn't on your list, I can only hope that you haven't played FF III.

[#2] 4 votes (tie): Quake III (+ mods)

Undoutedly, this is only in the top 5 because a lot of my AIM list is comprised of Quake 3 players. :) Even still, I firmly belive that Quake III is the epitome of First Person Shooter DEATHMATCH games.I say deathmatch, because it's single player experience is lacking. That's because this game was designed for deathmatch, and no other FSP game can say that. Except for UT, in which case it can say that it was designed for sucky deathmatch with mining weapons of the future! Multiplayer deathmatch catapults Quake III deseverdly to the top 5.

[#2] 4 votes (tie): Super Mario 64

The first game to successfully take a franchise from it's 2D greatness into the 3D realm. It was as revolutionay as the original Super Mario Bros. Hands down the best 3D platformer ever created.

[#5] 3 votes: Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (i.e. Zelda III)

Eschewing the Zelda II suckiness and goint back to its roots, Zelda III simply kicked ass. Like a lot of Nintendo franchises, it was actually successfully converted to 3D on the N64 and GameCube Zeldas, but nothing quite beats playing Zelda in its original top-down form. A classic.

Also Receving Votes:
2 Final Fantasy VII - Give it up you sony dweebs. I konw you played this first, but seriously... III > VII.
2 Herzog Zwei - I can only say that Kevin is 'teh rulez' for being the only other person to give this game props.
2 Pac-Man - OK, this game was boring. Ms. Pac-Man > Pac-Man by like 100 times.
2 Quake (+ mods) - Surpassed by Quake 3 for balanced Deathmatch. Single player was good.
2 Starcraft - I never got into this game, but I'm not Korean... so... I mistakenly think that Red Alert > *.
2 Super Mario Bros. 3 - Awesome game.
1 Battlefield: Vietnam - This game is too new. I mean, will you play it years from now?
1 Capcom Vs. SNK 2 - Good, but flawed fighting game.
1 Chrono Trigger - Ehhh. Just couldn't get into this. Lack of a huge set of characters for your party hurt it.
1 City of Heroes - See Battlefield. Seriously, these type of games has a short (but intense) lifespan.
1 Civilization - I liked it, but I don't see what all the fuss was about.
1 Contra - Nice.
1 Deja Vu - WTF? I've never played this game? Hmmm... I'm gonna have to track a copy down now.
1 Dig Dug - Ummm... it might be Top 5 Material if this was like, the early 80s.
1 DooM - Very good, but id has made way better games since then. Take off the nostalgia glasses.
1 DooM II - See DooM.
1 Dungeon Siege - I never played it, and I don't think I will. Thanks.
1 Earthbound - Awesome game. Kris is also 'teh rulez' with Kevin.
1 Excitebike - Very fun game. But top 5 ever? Nah.
1 Final Fantasy I - The game was flawed. But it eventually spawned Final Fantasy III, so it should get some props I guess.
1 Final Fantasy II (i.e. IV in Japan) - Almost as good as FF III, but not.
1 Final Fantasy X - See Final Fantasy II.
1 Galaga - Great shooter, but again with the nostalgia glasses.
1 Gauntlet - The only thing I can say is: "Elf needs food, badly!"
1 Goldeneye - There are these things called PC's where you can use a Mouse and Keyboard for FPS games. Look into it.
1 Gran Turismo - If I liked 'realistic' racing where you can slam into stuff and not get damaged, this would be my choice.
1 Half-Life - Nice single player mode, but you also spawned Counter-Strike. So you are automatically 'teh suck'.
1 Halo - See Goldeneye.
1 Homeworld 2 - I liked the first one a lot. Didn't play this, but I can't see it jumping into the top 5.
1 Kingdom Hearts - Looked cool. Never got around to it.
1 MechWarrior 2 - Good PC game.
1 Metal Gear Solid - Creating the stealth genre was a good thing.
1 Metroid Prime - Props for making it still 'feel' like Metroid, but how aobut a decent ending without needing 100%??
1 Morrowind - Ryan sucks.
1 Quake II (+ mods) - Slooow rockets. Blaster Pistol? Pfft. 'Nuff said.
1 River City Ransom - I still want this game. :(
1 Serious Sam 2 - You're kidding, right Brian?
1 Shining Force - Nice. Nice. Props to old school RPG/Strat games... but this isn't a Top 5 game.
1 Soul Calibur 2 - Nice.. umm... animation. Solid control for a 3d game. But if you do ANY damage by mashing buttons...
1 Star Control 2 - Underrated. Still, top 5? Naah.
1 Super Metroid - Maybe if I liked Metroid 1 more...
1 Super Bomberman 2 - The ultimate Party game to this day!
1 Uru - Ummm.. wasn't this like Myst 3? Shouldn't that automatically disqualify it?

Voters: Rob,Ricky,Brian,Ryan,Kris,Brad,Jon B.,Jesse,Kevin,Pat,J.C.,Brent.

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