Thursday, June 03, 2010

2010 Movies Relative Rankings

Here is the list of movies that I saw at the theater in 2010. They are rated (out of 10) and ranked relative to each other. Check for newer posts updating this list with new movies as I see them.

Last Update: 6/3 - Prince of Persia and A Town Called Panic added.

[New Rank - Old Rank - Highest Rank - (Score Out of 10) Movie/Notes]
01 - 01 - 01 - (8) Kick-Ass
Drafthouse Lake Creek by myself
Enjoyable, aestheticized violence. Hit Girl
easily steals the show. I never read the
comics so no comment on adaptation.
02 - 02 - 02 - (8) How to Train Your Dragon
3D Cinemark Round Rock Outlets w/Maddie
Better than I expected. A bit preachy, but
not overly so. Good use of 3D.
03 - 03 - 03 - (7) Iron Man 2
In XD theater at Cinemark Pflugerville w/Family
I enjoyed it more than the original film. A bit
too unbelievable even for a comic book movie.
Iron Man does not have memorable villains.
04 - 04 - 04 - (7) Shutter Island
Drafthouse Lake Creek w/Claire
Well acted and directed. Interesting plot albeit
with a pretty see-thru twist. Even still, I
found it quite enjoyable.
05 - ** - 05 - (7) A Town Called Panic
Drafthoue Ritz w/Aaron
Saw this subtitled. It's stop motion animation,
but technically, it's no where near the quality
of Henry Selick's work. It was funny, but less
so than I expected. Better if you're drunk/high.
06 - 05 - 05 - (6) The Crazies
Drafthouse Lake Creek w/Claire
Reminded a bit of Left 4 Dead. Pretty standard
virus/zombie fare. It was basically a clone of
28 Days Later.
07 - ** - 06 - (6) Prince of Persia
Drafthouse Lake Creek w/Pete
Better than I expected, but not great. The CG
was abundant. High end production. I thought
Chesty Jake was just fine as the Prince.
08 - 06 - 06 - (6) Shrek Forever After
3D in XD at Cinemark Pflugerville w/Family
Shrek's cultrual gags -were- cool, but they've
gotten stale. The underlying story is pretty
weak. I've seen better (and worse) kid's films.
09 - 07 - 07 - (5) A Nightmare on Elm Street
Drafthouse Lake Creek w/Claire
I like Jackie Earle Haley, and he does a good job
as the new Freddy, but the make-up artist needs
to get fired. He looks like he has Down's
Syndrome. Also, the scenes were repetitive:
isolate character, daydream, kill. Rinse. Repeat.
10 - 08 - 08 - (5) Alice in Wonderland
3D at Drafthouse Village Baby Day w/Family
I love Tim Burton's twisted take on things, but
this didn't work out so well. Maybe because
Alice in Wonderland is already pretty twisted?
11 - 09 - 09 - (4) Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Lightning Thief
Cinemark Plfuger w/Maddie
Say what you want in defense of the novels, but
this is clearly an attempt to cash in on Harry
Potter crowd. Far too little far too late.
12 - 10 - 10 - (3) Youth in Revolt
Drafthouse Ritz Theater #2 w/Claire
I saw this because Master Pancake was sold out.
That was a mistake. The story was terrible.
The acting was mostly terrible. Michael Cera is
the least talented 'actor' in recent memory. He
plays himself in every single goddamn movie.
13 - 11 - 11 - (3) The Spy Next Door
Cinemark Pflugerville w/Maddie
Man, Jackie Chan. What are you doing? You've
fallen to Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) levels. I
didn't expect much, and that's what I got.
14 - 12 - 12 - (2) Furry Vengeance
Cinemark Round Rock Outlets w/Maddie
Madison loved this movie. And while it in no way
can be considered good cinema (luicrous plot,
terrible special effects), it's -almost- so bad
that it's good. But it's still bad.

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