Monday, October 25, 2004

"Beastie Boys"

So I went ahead and enabled comments on this biznatch. Wor-, wor-, wor-, wor-, wor-, word 'em up!

That reminds me. . . I caught the Beastie Boys in concert this past Friday. Those guys can still rock! Hmmm. . . or is that "still rap!" Or maybe "still jam!"? They're kind of a music anomaly. They're rap/hip-hop artists, but they actually know how to play instruments. They also manage to get air play on rock stations. Really, no other band like the Beastie Boys has ever made it like they did. I mean, they're white, jewish, ex-punk rockers who made it big as hip-hop artists. You don't see a lot of that happening. And how many hip-hop artists play purely instrumental songs at their concerts? Yeah, none. What's most impressive is that they've managed to stay fresh and popular.

And while I'm on the subject of the Beastie Boys concert, I'd like to give props to my homeboy (do people even still say that?), Ricky. I haven't known him for a very long time, but he really impressed me last Friday.

You see, I had originally tried to get Floor/GA tickets, which is the only way to see a concert in my opinion, and had been denied by the shitty website that is It crashed the minute they started selling BB tickets and didn't come back up until all the GA tickets were gone. Bummer. Refusing to pay like $5 less and watch from the stands, I didn't buy any tickets at all. Well, the night before the concert, Ricky mentioned he was going to see them and that he had GA tickets. Upon further inquiry, I found out that his friend had bought them online and was giving one to Ricky in lieu of some money owed. I was flabbergasted (which usually only happens when I have too many pinto beans.) How could have Ricky's friend have bought floor tickets online when it was down? Anyway, I found a ticket for floor level at $25 over face value. And since the Beastie Boys don't come into town often, I went ahead and bought it so I could go with them. The next day, I find out that Ricky's friend was bullshitting about the floor tickets. So now I was stuck with a single floor ticket.

I was pissed. And as it turns out, so was Ricky. This guy knew that I was going to buy a floor ticket (at quite an expense too!) to go with them and still didn't fess up. He basically let me spend $74 bucks without giving a shit. I scrambled to find someone willing to go (and pay $74) that evening because the only thing that sucks worse than not having a floor ticket is having a floor ticket and going alone. No one could/wanted to. Ricky, being a decent person, told his friend that he was going to buy a floor ticket to go with me instead. . . in retaliation for the lying. That was without me even asking him to do so. So yeah, there are still decent people left in the world.

Honestly, I think aliens were monitoring the whole situation to decide whether or not the human race should be erased from existence with a deadly space laser beam. I mean, we were problaby just moments from being annihilated! Whew!

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