Friday, December 12, 2003

So I'm sitting here, groggy. I got up way too early. This getting up early shit is for the birds. I've been up since 6:15AM! Why? Because Claire needed to get to work early, and I left my car at work last night. :(

Christ, I hate mornings. My eyes always hurt. You can always tell when I got up too early because I wear glasses to work. I can't bear to wear contacts when my eyes are burning. And I even got quite a bit of sleep last night. . . almost 6 hours! Usually I can survive on about 4-5 hours.

Good thing I hate mornings, because I hate breakfast foods. Eggs are nasty. Milk is pretty nasty (but ok with sugary cereal sometimes.) Sausage is nasty. Ok, so pancakes and bacon are OK. So are crispy hashbrowns, but they're not good enough to make me want to get up early to have them, you know?

And why is that? Why are we only supposed to eat certain foods at a certain part of the day? Why is it 'wrong' for me to want to have a coke with my breakfast? Why can't I have a hamburger for breakfast? Actually, I do that (thank you Whataburger!) So it's not really why I can't, it's why I feel weird doing it. Stupid socially acceptable behaviour! I hate you!

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